McKinnon Associates offers a comprehensive and organic landscape maintenance and soil management program.  The use of organic and environmentally friendly products allows us to protect the environment we are striving to create. And, the maintenance and soil management program further enhances our design services by allowing us to evaluate our work over time while reducing the


  • Maintain design integrity of the garden
  • Horticulturally prune, clip and shear ground covers, vines, shrubs, perennials
    and trees under 15 feet tall
  • Mulch and compost beds
  • Granular and foliar fertilization of plants
  • Seasonal bed change outs
  • Design and plant pots
  • Aerate, compost and fertilize lawn
  • Inspect and treat plants for disease and insects
  • Clean ponds and fountains
  • Check irrigation controllers as warranted
  • Supervise subcontracts:  tree care
  • Mow, edge, and blow
  • Supervision by Horticultural Management Supervisor

Annual Maintenance Programs

  • Quarterly – 4 visits per year
  • Monthly – 12 visits per year
  • Bi-Monthly – 26 visits per year
  • Combination – 42 visits per year
  • Weekly – 50 visits per year
  • Custom—visits determined by garden / client needs


  • Additional visits to treat for disease and insects
  • Repair irrigation system
  • Spread perennial rye seed
  • Check exterior lighting systems
  • Clear debris from gutter and roofs
  • Additional visits to monitor garden while you are on vacation
  • Cover and uncover plants in the event of a freeze
  • Additional Labor – beyond the time allotted in the contract
  • Irrigation and drainage repairs
  • Design Services